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Tomato dried naturally under the scorching sun of Puglia. Ideal on bruschetta and canapés, as a condiment to accompany and enrich the main courses, to...
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Whole natural date tomatoes in water and salt, for a fresh tomato all year round, as if just harvested. The winning ingredient for a great tomato pasta is...
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Minimum quantity for "Datterino water and salt 360 gr" is 3.

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Whole date and date puree, together. The perfect combination for any cooking that requires the consistency of the passata together with the fragrance of...
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From our fields to your home: we bring you excellence and authenticity

Welcome to our online shop, a shop where you can buy the best products from our beloved Puglia, with the simplicity of a direct relationship between producer and consumer. In our e-commerce we want to bring you only excellence and authenticity Made in Puglia: traditional tomato purées, sweet yellow and red dates of the Lesina lagoon, side dishes and companions such as the battuto di pomodoro, the salicornia in oil, the datterino sauce sweet and many other products that you can bring to your table.

You will also find a selection of top-of-the-range products produced by producer friends who, like us, embrace the philosophy of "100% ethical, good and genuine", modus operandi that we have in our blood and that has never made us compromise with the industrial practices.

Finally, it is important to underline that the Turkish farm is certified with the GLOBALG.A.P protocol. The GLOBALG.A.P. Protocol defines good agricultural practices relating to the essential elements for the development of best practice applicable to farms, crops and land products, livestock.

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